Studio Rental

Large Production Space For Photography & Video

Drive in studio

If youre working on a big production or simply photographing large vehicles, CreateOf Studio has a 42 ft wide automatic door that lifts 11 ft hight, to allow easy entry of production vehicles, props, automobiles

32 x 22 ft Seamless

reaching 15ft high and extending 32 ft along one wall with an alcove that stretched it another 22 ft down a second wall the seamless shoot space in CreateOf Studio is quite impressive. The floor is white epoxy for easy clean up when photographing vehicles or building sets in the area.

Private Runway

The new production studio is located on the same property as a private airport. For high end clients who want to skip the major airports or simply get right to or from the shoot, we can coordinate airplane landing and parking as needed.

Build your own

With an additional 800 square ft of open area there is a great opportunity to drive in production trucks for work, build sets on the side, depending on the needs of your production.

The Studio

Image is everything

Based on the demand from the industry Haining and the CreateOf team left their first studio in a re-purposed TD bank and started searching for something that wouldn't be as limiting. But how can you find something cooler than an old bank and make it into something that is also practical for work? Well with a monstrous 45 ft x 35 ft open shooting space a ceiling height over 15 ft and and an automatic garage door allowing vehicles on set that are as tall as 11 ft, an "Airplane Hangar" is a great place to start! With an easy to clean white epoxy floor that seamlessly matches a huge alcove shooting space, The studio allows for a nearly limitless studio photography space! On the video side the walls are easily paint-able and have been used for big green screen scenes, as well as a simple place to build a big virtual set and still allow the proper lighting in a controlled location. The open concept of the hangar also allows production vehicles to be inside the location during the shoot, as well as trucks like Uhauls and construction vehicles in to actually build the sets before the shoot date. To top it all off the Studio is conveniently located on the same land as a private airport, allowing for high end or out of province clients to avoid major airports and quickly arrive or depart from a shoot. The studio was initially made to be completely private for CreateOf and their team. However because the team does travel often for work they have begun renting it out at a half day or day rate when ever they don't need it for themselves.

our team

The people who make things happen
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Steve Haining

Owner / Photographer
A globally published, multi-award winning photographer & creative director. See his work at
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Julia Krajewski

Studio Manager
Julia started out as a makeup artist on production shoots with CreateOf. inc. Her organization and attention to detail has allowed her to transition into the roll of managing the new studio. However it is still common to see her working her makeup magic on sets
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Kieran Knoble

Production Assistant
Wedding and event photographer at Assistant to internationally published photographer Steve Haining
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Anthony Puddu

Video / Audio Specialist
Joining the team as an Intern from McMaster University. A multi talented individual Anthony is a foundation for video editing, audio engineering and also a little bit of marketing when he has time!


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