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Pro Membership

40 hours of studio time per month free lighting equipment use 24/7 boardroom and Co working space access business mailing address & much more

Hobbyist membership

20 hours of studio time per month free lighting equipment use boardroom and Co working space access free parking & much more

Student Membership

10 hours of studio time per month Access to main floor gallery and co working space during business hours access to members only networking events access to up to two lights in studio

Non Members

Hourly rentals available upon availability production rental space also available.

The Studio

Image is everything

In the creative industries of North America there is a huge disconnect between the industry professionals and the up and coming leaders of the photography and video industry. Whats more difficult is the financial cost to properly establish yourself in the field. CreateOf Studios is the solution to this problem. CreateOf Studios is a co-working space and incubator for professional people in the creative industry to network, run their business from a huge office and multi studio facility with all the amenities of the best private studios in Los Angeles and New York at less than 1/5th the cost of a small studio space in town! We chose Hamilton to be the hub for our creative space because Hamilton is home! In our time working with creative people around the world we always see a huge potential come out of our city and we want to be there to help the future creators develop!

our team

The people who make things happen
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Steve Haining

Multi-Award winning photographer & creative director. Owner of Former director of still photography / motion Banko Media
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Adam Ibbotson

Fashion Photographer / owner of Ibbo Studio Retouching professional Former wedding photographer at AMV
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Ingrid Ibbotson

Industry professional and wife of Photographer Adam Ibbotson, Ingrid is the Director of Human Resources for our team and for our members in the studio.
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Julia Krajewski

Studio Manager
In studio production assistant at Sheridan College Cosmetology grad professional in studio makeup artist
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Kieran Knoble

Production Assistant
Wedding and event photographer at Assistant to internationally published photographer Steve Haining
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Anthony Puddu

Joining the team as an Intern from McMaster University Anthony was brought on by the team after his placement hours to help with the brand development and marketability
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Josh McGurk

CreateOf Inc always brought on upcoming Hamilton photographers as interns so its no surprise that CreateOf Studios was interested in having some young talent in studio. Josh has shown some great success in the past few months!
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Clinton Andrews

Former assistant for Photographer Steve Haining, Clinton Andrews has assisted on sets across Canada and the USA. He brings his creative knowledge to the team as a casual staff member helping the studio run smoothly.


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