January 18, 2017



Image is everything.

Based on the demand from the industry Haining and the CreateOf team left their first studio in a re-purposed TD bank and started searching for something that wouldn’t be as limiting. But how can you find something cooler than an old bank and make it into something that is also practical for work? Well with a monstrous 45 ft x 35 ft open shooting space a ceiling height over 15 ft and and an automatic garage door allowing vehicles on set that are as tall as 11 ft, an “Airplane Hangar” is a great place to start! With an easy to clean white epoxy floor that seamlessly matches a huge alcove shooting space, The studio allows for a nearly limitless studio photography space! On the video side the walls are easily paint-able and have been used for big green screen scenes, as well as a simple place to build a big virtual set and still allow the proper lighting in a controlled location. The open concept of the hangar also allows production vehicles to be inside the location during the shoot, as well as trucks like Uhauls and construction vehicles in to actually build the sets before the shoot date. To top it all off the Studio is conveniently located on the same land as a private airport, allowing for high end or out of province clients to avoid major airports and quickly arrive or depart from a shoot. The studio was initially made to be completely private for CreateOf and their team. However because the team does travel often for work they have begun renting it out at a half day or day rate when ever they don’t need it for themselves.



About our founder:

Steve Haining:

Born and raised in Hamilton, Steve is a multi-award winning commercial & editorial photographer as well as a well respected creative director.  Most recently he received Hamilton’s 40 Under Forty business leadership award, CHCH tv’s Business Excellence Award and California’s Jack LaLanne Entrepreneur Award!

A former Director of Still Photography and Motion at Banko Media, Haining left that position to start his own company “CreateOf.” Since then he has spent the last 6 years traveling the globe working for clients and brands in over 15 countries!

With a strong passion for charity work he can often be found spending his free time with non profits like Blueprint for life, Dreamcatcher Foundation, Amigo Skate Cuba, Fcancer and Meet Me In Africa.



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