January 18, 2017


Hamilton Ontario Co-Working Photography / Video Studios Coming soon!

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Image is everything.

CreateOf Studios is an effective platform for photography professionals, media entrepreneurs and hobbyist artists as well as students and small business owners to grow their creative brands or passions.  The studio is a perfect blend of a high end co-working space, a business development incubator and several fully equipped photography and video production studios!

With 4 different price points we are able to offer our members all the benefits of multiple private studios, equipment, boardrooms and 24/7 access work areas on two floors at a cost that is easily 1/5th the cost of leasing their own studio and without them needing to spend thousands on lighting and additional camera gear!

Student pricing is also available because we know the struggle of studio availability and timing in colleges.  We also know students sometimes like to practice on their own time and hourly studio rentals can often be too expensive.

Our goal is to help people develop their creative passions and careers while saving money, looking more professional or making the most out of their business and profits!  We want to help them grow and one day reach their career goals whether they chose to stay in our facility or move on to bigger things!  In doing this we also offer workshops, demos, and networking events to assist in the growth and passions of our members!

For those of you who are looking for one off studio time we do offer A La Carte hourly rentals at the standard rate of local studios.


About our founders:

Steve Haining:

Born and raised in Hamilton, Steve is a multi-award winning commercial & editorial photographer as well as a well respected creative director.  Most recently he received Hamilton’s 40 Under Forty business leadership award, CHCH tv’s Business Excellence Award and California’s Jack LaLanne Entrepreneur Award!

A former Director of Still Photography and Motion at Banko Media, Haining left that position to start his own company “CreateOf.” Since then he has spent the last 5 years traveling the globe working for clients and brands in over 15 countries!

With a strong passion for charity work he can often be found spending his free time with non profits like Blueprint for life, Dreamcatcher Foundation, Amigo Skate Cuba, Fcancer and Meet Me In Africa.

In 2015 fellow photographer and friend Adam Ibbotson came to Steve with the “brainchild” of what is now known as CreateOf Studios. With his industry and business experience, Haining has spent the last two years working with adam to develop the idea into something that could really help their local photography and video industry thrive again!  Fast forward to today and the hard work has finally payed off!


Adam Ibbotson:

Local fashion photographer for over 10 years and owner of Ibbo Studio, Adam has worked in both Canada and the United States mostly in studio photography.  Struggling with the problems of excessive costs to operate a functional studio it is no surprise he began to thing of a concept for an affordable solution to the photography industry!
Adam has also spent a number of years in the wedding industry shooting high end weddings in the Caribbean as well as local weddings for AMV during their prime.  The importance of a proper meeting space and work environment and mailing address proved to be a necessity in this industry too which is why when he approached Steve with his project and problems they both meshed well!

Working with Steve as well as doing extensive research and development on all aspects of photography / video from the student, to the artist at heart all the way up to the professionals both locally and on a greater scale Adam spent the last couple years fine tuning his creative concept to the point it was exactly what the city and the local industry needs!

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